Data Wiping Software

DBAN is free erasure software designed for the personal user. It automatically deletes the contents of any hard disk that it can detect. This method prevents identity theft before recycling a computer. DBAN is also a commonly used solution to remove viruses and spyware from Microsoft Windows installations.

DBAN users should be aware of some product limitations, including:

  • No guarantee of data removal (e.g. DBAN does not detect or securely erase SSDs)
  • No audit-ready reporting for regulatory compliance
  • Limited hardware support (e.g. no RAID dismantling)
  • No customer support or regular software updates

Business Users

Secure data erasure with audit-ready reporting is highly recommended. Please download a free evaluation license of Blancco 5 or buy licenses online.


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Complimentary Services

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  • Searching for and direct contact with brokers, traders and wholesalers.

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Need a 100% Secure Erasure Tool?

With Blancco 5 Mobile, dispose, reuse and resell mobile devices with absolute peace of mind.

  • Maximize device performance & resale value
  • Erase all sensitive data securely & responsibly
  • Guarantee regulatory compliance
  • Audit-ready reporting
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Need to Wipe SSDs?

Blancco 5, securely wipes solid state drives with patented erasure technology.

Use Blancco for all of your enterprise erasure needs:

  • Local or remote data erasure
  • High-speed, simultaneous erasure of multiple drives
  • Customize erasure software to fit specific needs
  • Audit-ready reporting
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