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Latest 2.3.0 release files and details:


Released 2.3.0 June 4th, 2015:
- Buildroot updated to 2015.02 (new kernel version is 3.18.6).
- "nousb" option removed in autonuke mode. Instead filtering out USB media in the shell script.
- Added possibility to save debug report (dmesg+dwipe logs) at the end of erasure.
- Pre-requirement: USB stick should be formatted and inserted to PC before the erasure is finished).
- Fixed silent boot.
- HPSA support enabled.
- Report screen modified (only disks selected for erasure will be shown).

Released 2.2.8 November 22nd, 2013:
- Buildroot updated to 2012.02 (Thanks to sourceforge user HellFire!).
- /bin/sh replaced by /bin/bash.
- Kernel messages are not shown any more on top of DBAN GUI.
- Dwipe (erasure engine) is integrated as a package to the Buildroot.
- "nousb" option added in autonuke mode (in auto mode USB sticks/hdds will not be erased. No more accidents!).
- Fixed erasure failure if one of the disks was unplugged while in disk selection screen.
- Card reader/unknown device erasure crash is fixed.

Released 2.2.7 September 10th, 2012:
- Updated/fixed packages: jpeg.
- Issues resolved (
#3137285: hangs on starting isolinux
#3151269: dban-2.2.6_i586.iso "No Configuration File Found" errors