How do I make a bootable CD or bootable DVD with the ISO file?

We recommend CDBurnerXP for burning the DBAN boot media. Read the CDBurnerXP ISO burning tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Almost every burning program will burn the DBAN boot media correctly with default burning options. Just double-click the ISO file.

We will ask that you try CDBurnerXP if you have any problems with CD-R or DVD-R boot media. You can get help from us for CDBurnerXP, but we don't usually provide support for other products.

CD-ROM drives manufactured before 1999 cannot reliably read burned media.

DBAN has been burned incorrectly if you see just one file on the drive when you open the CD-R or DVD-R in My Computer or Windows Explorer.

DBAN may not boot if you modify the ISO file or filesystem layout in any way, like by injecting files. Any change to the syslinux.cfg file requires ISO remastering.